Internet traffic - is facebook falling

Internet Traffic Report Shows Facebook Is Dropping: Here Is Why

Top 8 highest Internet Traffic website currently doesn’t include Facebook
(in March 2021)

The top 8 Internet Traffic Website:


Facebook is at number 9.

Facebook Is Dropping because it’s sometimes like you’re alone in the world. Especially with Facebook Pages.

Profile is better, but I have a tip to make it instantly better.

I can’t seem to find people on Facebook Pages. And I can see it’s more so with everyone.

Image below confirms Facebook is not much of a leading top website in the world.

Internet Traffic Report (according to Alexa) Shows Facebook Is at Number 9

Internet Traffic - Internet Traffic Report Shows Facebook Is at Number 9

I could bet that’s a drop for Facebook
(And yes it actually is)

Facebook had dropped from number 6 to number 7 today

Internet Traffic - Internet Traffic Report Shows Facebook's 90 days Traffic falling clearly from by 1

It has actually oscillated between 6 and 9 recently

I don’t know what you guys think about Facebook (pages, groups at the moment).

But I sensed it was not doing fine.

As A User Experience Personnel

As a User Tester, I can tell that Facebook’s algorithm’s are not friendly! !!!
Facebook’s algorithm is becoming callous.
… callous!

And I’m not surprised Facebook’s Internet Traffic is going down. As shown on the table of Popular Sites In The World.

I don’t know what Facebook is doing about it.
But I would like to believe Facebook’s Team is not ignorant of these decline, and it’s only in the making

What Can Facebook Do? – About Its Falling internet Traffic Report

Apart from loosening up from a not much of stingy – but seems as.
(And that the major)
Because If people enjoy the site, the cycle of interaction would continue.
And people will stay there.

Especially with Facebook Pages.
Owners need to reach their audience

Hard earned audience – right?!

See: A Facebook Page With 3,749 Audience & But reached 1 person!

Facebook Page Audience Reach is 2.667377967457989e-4 %

Factors Affecting Facebook's Decline User (Internet Traffic - Internet Traffic Report)

Facebook’ Audience Reach Is So FAR from good.
A Page with 3,749 Audience, reached 1 person.
That’s 2.667377967457989e-4 %Did you say that’s 2.667377967457989e-4 %

Meanwhile you can check my friend’s beautiful online supermarket –

A Possible Recommendation For Facebook’s Falling Internet Traffic Report

I’ve got a suggestions for Facebook – now (while expressing myself)
And trust me it’s precious to say here


I’m certain Facebook will always be a giant, because has always been dynamic.

Secondly occupying number 9 among the website and internet platforms, is still a great feat to occupy
And Facebook is always going to be Facebook

And Facebook has some Menu’s which (a good size) users do not know about, including Techies – yuup!

Features like:

  • Facebook Marketplace,
  • Facebook Events
  • Facebook Campus
  • Facebook Fundraiser
  • Facebook Game
  • And even Facebook Pay. And even the new improvement to it’s #hashtag algorithm.

However the user experience and less interaction and poor engagement on Facebook Pages in particular is a huge defect especially for some of us. 😉

There’s much room for improved user experience. And some of them have been mentioned in this article.



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