Don't Just Spend Time, Invest Time (Time Management Skill)

Don’t Just Spend Time, Invest Time (Time Management Skill)

Time Management Skill is a common desire.

But the issue is how to achieve that height of time management.

To reach that stage where you’re consistently investing your time, rather than letting your time pass you by day by day.

How do you invest time, instead of just spending time?

Well I will go straight to my insights and answer about this, before i try to expand it.

Don’t Just Spend Time, Invest Time – Here is how to do it

Step 1: (And probably the only step I have for now!): Use your time for what is worthwhile (Time Management Skill)

To understand that point, we have to go grasp the concept of investment

Investment means to pay it forward

To do it, now, and get the rewards later

To do the work now, and the payments later.

But how can you get paid later, if the work done is not worthwhile?

How can you get paid later, if the work done is not good?

You can only get paid (rewarded, if you’ve used your time on sometime worthwhile)

I wont ever forget an article I wrote on since 2014.

I wrote about It Is Your Birthday by Lekana.

I wrote that article not with no intent.

But somehow, it was a worthwhile article.

7 year down the years, that article is still getting traffic from search engines.

Now that was a fluke or investment.

good things like that don’t always happen by fluke.

Most people who invest time, do it deliberately.


Step 2: Don’t Just Spend Time, Invest Time. Invest Time Deliberately. (Time Management Skill)

Most people who get rewards (dividends) from their time, are people who invest time deliberately.

They find a sweet spot that they dig with their time, knowing fully well that it will pay off.

They didn’t gamble about it.

They made informed decision, and followed blueprints, on something that is worthwhile.

I need you to start doing the same.

I need you to combine step 1 with step 2

From today, after reading this article, you will not only start using your time randomly on something worthwhile,  but you would be making deliberate choices or worthwhile efforts

In Conclusion:

How can you combine these two points into one, so that you can streamline your time management goal of not just Spending Time, but Investing Time?

Ask yourself, is “this” really worthwhile?

If it’s worth it, then go for it!

It’s that simple folks!

You just have to come to that point where you ask yourself, is it worthwhile to use my time for this?

IF the answer is YES

THEN go for It

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