Who We Are ?

Haycess Project Limited is the collection of African's brightest ideas. With the goal of reducing the regular and little problems facing the African businesses, communities, and homes. We exist also to empower the youth to believe in their ideas and dreams.

We are all about African Excellence

So that's us. there is no

other way to put it.

See Some of the Projects In Our Portfolio

Africa's Collection of Bright Ideas

Africa's Collection of Bright Ideas
Haycess CDC

Haycess Customer Discount Card is an electronic card that carries multiple prepaid e-vouchers from several organizations.

Haycess Food

Haycess food delivers various food recipes to your doorstep.


Padi-Ride is your paddy paddy ride for the neighborhood. It is specifically designed to give passengers the feeling of riding on a best friend’s ride.


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LeHaycess A

Phone : +17134806763, +2348164837595

Address : Abuja Nigeria

Mail : Office@haycess.com


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