'Nobody' Movie Playing in Theaters. Arriving On Demand this Friday

‘Nobody’ Movie Playing in Theaters. Arriving On Demand this Friday

This article broods over the thrills of the movie ‘Nobody’. We also looked into the comparison of Bob Odenkirk’s character as Wick.

If you’re a fan of Bob Odenkirk, you will be happy about his new action movie, titled: Nobody.

Nobody Is A Ridiculous But Entertaining Action Movie.

Nobody Movie Overview

Nobody is about a mild-mannered husband, named Hutch Mansell (Odenkirk). A father of two and a metal factory worker whose wife Becca and two kids think very little of him overall. Odenkirk has lived a quiet life for many years.

After his house is robbed and Hutch gets chastised for not doing more to stop the burglars, then long-simmering rage awakens. He goes on the hunt for the people who threatened his family. He attempts to seek them out personally.

On his quest — he ends up in a fight with a group of drunk Russians on a bus. He encountered opposition from a dangerous Russian (Alexey Serebryakov), which leads to gunfire, violence, and mayhem.

One of whom happens to be the brother of high-ranking drug lord Yulian Kuznetsov. When Kuznetsov sends men to kill Hutch in retaliation, the drug lord soon learns that Hutch has his own dangerous past as a government “auditor,” and now relishes the chance to fight back.

Nobody Movie Cast

Nobody Movie Cast

Nobody was directed by Ilya Naishuller
Nobdy was written by John Wick scribe Derek Kolstad,
Nobody stars Connie Nielsen, Christopher Lloyd, Michael Ironside, RZA, and Gage Munroe.

Nobody was produced by David Leitch and Kelly McCormick.

They only had thirty-four days to make the movie.

Nobody is playing in select theaters and arriving On Demand this Friday
People call the movie Bob Odenkirk’s John Wick.

Bob Odenkirk’s character as Wick?

Nobody movie: Bob Odenkirk's character as Wick

Odenkirk trained for two years to do all the fight scenes himself. So when you see him taking bad guys apart during a brutal and bloody bus fight, it really is Odenkirk doing the stunt work.

Nobody Director — Ilya Naishuller admits that the movie is indebted to John Wick’s legacy, but not simply a Wick clone.

It’s hard not to look at Bob Odenkirk’s new action film Nobody and see traces of the John Wick formula.

Still talking about the comparison, Director Naishuller spoke to Inverse about Nobody’s approach to action and Odenkirk’s commitment to the film’s extensive fight choreography, “I was told a long time back by a smart and successful artist that if you’re compared to something people love, you shut up and take it as a compliment.”


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“Without John Wick there would be no Nobody.

Without (John Wick creators) David (Leitch) and Chad (Stahelski) and Keanu and a hundred other people, we wouldn’t be able to make this movie at the studio level,” Naishuller admitted. “We are standing on the shoulders of a giant franchise”

Rotten Tomatoes, currently rates Nobody as fresh.

Starring Bob Odenkirk, Connie Nielsen, Alexey Serebryakov, Christopher Lloyd and RZA, The movie is currently in theaters nationwide.